S/A Razia Bai and Asghar Bhai;

Just want to let let you know that with your prayers I have reached Miami without a hitch, and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for everything you have done and care for us. I myself and my sisters were very much impressed the way the whole trip was planned and executed and facilitated us with care over and above the call. May Allah bless you both for your courage and dedication to continue the mission you have under taken. You know the general comments I hear people make about the ka'fala sponsors is a business. I firmly believe that at least in your case this is absolutely and un equitably not true. Please convey my personal thanks to Maulana Sheikh Jamaal for his spiritual Supplication recitations and Maulana Sadiq Hasan for his historical guidance. We were truly inspired by this Ziarat and InshahAllah I am already looking to the next one. Of course, this time with my wife Merziya and my daughter and their In-laws family from Sweden.

In the mean time I will keep you both in prayers for good health and prosperity.

Dua's Liaquat Ali

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